⁣As a software developer, how do you balance the range of technologies you learn, versus the depth at which you learn them?

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This is how people make their earnings look like any amount they want! Don’t believe everything! 💰❌🧢

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When you’re complaining about ‘bad’ code… 🤨🧐

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When you practiced 300 coding challenges but get to the interview and forget everything on a Leetcode easy 🥲🤡

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⁣One way you can write better code (and hopefully better applications) is to use what I’m calling the ‘3x method’ when coding.⠀ Basically, the gist of it is that you take 3 “passes” or revisions over the code you write; but to everyone else it will seem like only 1 😉.

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⁣⁣A few years ago I created KG.codes; my personal brand. Here's why I decided to build a personal brand as a developer.

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🥂 My vibe all 2022 - love, focus, and gratitude! Shoutout to my great friends, family, and the community online. I’m truly blessed.

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A while back ⁣I decided that I wanted to automate the flow of blog posts to my email list. Here is how I achieved that with PHP!

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Here are some red flags to look out for in software development and coding (some hilarious / all true). 😅

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Here's how I’m currently working on building better habits (and breaking bad habits) in order to become a better software developer. I started reading (well, listening to) Atomic Habits by James Clear and so far it’s been insightful. ⚛️

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