Why build a personal brand as a developer?

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⁣⁣A few years ago I created KG.codes; my personal brand. Some ask why have a personal brand as a developer(?):

◈ A brand is one of the few things professionally that you own 100%.
◈ Unlike a normal programming job, you completely control the actions of this ‘business’
◈ You stand out as a developer; which increases job opportunities, consulting opportunities, networking, etc.
◈ You are the product; therefore by building a brand you’ll always have something to fall back on
◈ You become a thought leader in the tech industry which can open some amazing doors
◈ It drastically helps you to market/sell your own coding products and services. Making a more personal connection with people sells well.
◈ It can be a main or additional source of income on it’s own (ex. sponsors, affiliates, development consulting, coding talks, etc.)

⁉️ Are you building a personal brand? What are some of the benefits to you (or downsides)?

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