What was the first programming language I learned? C++

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What was the first programming language I learned? C++

C++ is a multi-purpose, multi-paradigm, statically-typed language that can be used for developing operating systems, games, browsers, applications, and more. It is an extension of the C language.

I learned C++ in college as a computer engineer. Most of the other engineers hated taking a programming class, but I loved it! I switched majors to Computer Science the next semester.

It was a great language to start learning to code with as we started with the basics of variables, conditionals (if), and loops. We created simple console applications through compilation.

Although this language served me well to start my coding career, that was over 10 years ago. These days I typically recommend a non-compiled, interpreted language like JavaScript for people to learn. Python has a compilation step, but is also a great option to start with.

The reason I suggest interpreted languages is that they usually have less overhead to start running (you can use any Chrome browser console to run some JavaScript), you don’t need a compiler/compilation, and the code can be shown in real scenarios easier.

But start wherever you feel most comfortable! Getting started with ANY language is better than not getting started at all!

⁉️ What was the first programming language you learned? (or plan to learn?)

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