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⁣In addition to compensation from a traditional software development job, there are many ways to create additional streams of income as a software developer. Here are a few:⠀


· Reach out to businesses to create for them⠀
· DM on social media (attract with content; don’t spam)⠀
· Create accounts on Thumbtack, Fiverr, and Upwork⠀
· Pro: high income | Con: non-scalable⠀

Productize a website/app project

· Create a website/service (monthly subscription or one-time sell) ⠀
· App Store app (one-time sell, subscription, and/or in-app purchases)⠀
· Desktop utility app (monetize same as above)⠀
· Pro: potentially passive income | Con: time-consuming (upfront)⠀

Produce programming content

· Create a blog, YouTube channel, ebook, courses, podcast, etc.⠀
· Create super valuable content; ⠀
· Monetize with ads, affiliate links, and products/services⠀
· Pro: income and builds brand | Con: time-consuming⠀


· Help newer devs with programming skills⠀
· Review resumes and mock interview⠀
· Pro: high-income | Con: non-scalable⠀

Host events or do speaking engagements

· Organize and run events; meetups, conferences, etc.⠀
· Reach out to upcoming developer conferences to speak⠀
· Pro: income and builds brand | Con: harder to get into⠀

Hope this was helpful and sparks some ideas for someone. No way I’ve covered everything:⠀
What other software development side hustles do you know of?

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