🚩🚩 Red flags: Software development / coding edition 😅

KG.codes · 36 second read ·     
Here are some red flags to look out for in software development and coding (some hilarious / all true). 😅

“I don’t need to test it” 🚩🚩
“I have an app idea — it’s like Uber for ____” 🚩🚩
“So I see you know JavaScript — how about Java?” 🚩🚩
“I never Google anything when I code” 🚩🚩
“I’ll just code it from scratch instead” 🚩🚩
“It’s weird code, but I’ll just leave a comment” 🚩🚩

“Just change that one little thing and I’ll approve the pull request” 🚩🚩
“I’m still gathering the requirements but you can get started” 🚩🚩
“This job requires 9+ years of React experience” 🚩🚩
“We need to update code in the legacy app” 🚩🚩
“We move fast” 🚩🚩

⁉️ Any red flags you can think to add?

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