How to create your own software development experience 💡

Kelvin Graddick · 1 minute read ·     
Trying to get a software development job, but feel like lack of experience is hurting you?
💡 Ideas: 1. try creating your own software development experience by creating your own apps/services, or 2. freelancing.

— Creating your own apps/services

Creating a (failed 😅) social media website helped me get my first programming job. After all the technical questions/challenges, I was able to show the interviews the website, discuss it’s underlying technology choices, and how it was architected. I was told later that they were impressed that I did it all on my own, and that it aligned with the job so well. If you need experience, try finding problems to solve on your own with a project. Be sure to “productize” it and release it to the public. Add it to your resume. Who knows, it might just take off on it’s own 🚀.

— Freelancing

Freelancing not only helped me build my skills, but also helped me pad my resume before I got my first real programming job. Some work I actually got paid for, and other work I did for free. I targeted real companies to do work for and always made sure there was a contract. You can put this work on your resume and label as “contract work” or “freelancing”. Make sure to validate it with links, people references, and technical details.

⁉️ What do you think about these options for creating your own software development experience? Ever did this before?

Shoutout to the amazing @itsladydev for this IG Live we did a while back! 🎯

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