I went from working holiday retail at Best Buy to supporting holiday retail in tech πŸ”„

Kelvin Graddick · 1 minute read ·     
Here’s a pic of me (left) working at Best Buy in 2009 (not 2007). I told myself then I would NEVER work another Black Friday or holiday season for retail. 😫

The holiday season for many people means long hours and hectic schedules at their jobs. For me, it sometimes brings back memories of working in retail and enduring the chaos of the holidays / Black Friday. The long hours, the crowds, missing time with family - it wasn’t something I wanted to do every year..

Years later I’m a software developer / lead working for an enterprise tech company that must support the increase in chat conversations for some of the largest retailers in the world during the holiday season, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. πŸ˜…

It's funny how life works out sometimes. I never thought I would be working in tech, and again supporting one of the busiest shopping days of the year. But here I am, and feeling blessed and grateful for the opportunities. So to all my fellow retail workers out there who just winding down from another busy holiday season, continue to hang in there.

And to anyone else who has ever said, "I'll never do this again," just remember: never say never.


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