The best coffee mug for digital creators - Ember mug review!

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The temperature-controlled, rechargeable Ember mug is the best coffee mug for digital creators. This mug will keep your coffee (or tea) warm until the last drop during those late-nights at the computer creating content.

What is the Ember mug?

The Ember mug is a ceramic coated, stainless steel cup that has a built-in heating element for supporting drink temperature control via the Ember mobile app. The mug has a rechargeable, (approximately) 1-hour battery built-in and can be charged via the included charging coaster. It can detect when liquid is in it and turn on/off automatically.

Ember mug details
Here are some specs -
Capacity: 10oz.
Weight: 0.75lb
Size: 4.2 x 3.25 x 4.3 inches
Material: stainless steel / ceramic coating

Ember mug features


The Ember mug is designed beautifully with the digital creator in mind. It has clean, minimalist design and comes in three colors: matte white, matte black, and copper. With its distinctive look, customizable colored LED indicator light, and matching charging coaster, this thing definitely turns heads.

Ember mug white Ember mug black Ember mug copper

It’s a little heavier than your normal mug, but not at all discomforting. At 10oz, the mug can hold the amount of coffee that you are most likely already used too. The mug feels sturdy and of high-quality as you hold it.

The power button, serial/model numbers, and charging rings are on the bottom of the mug; hidden from sight. This mug looks good on any digital creators desk and will provide for some awesome Instagram-worthy cameos in your content.

Ember mug logo
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The main feature of the Ember mug is drink temperature control. Once charged, turned on, and coffee poured in, the mug will start heating up your coffee to the temperature you specified and keep it there. The mug’s indicator light will show if the mug is charging, heating, etc. The associated Ember app can be used to set preferred temperature and sends you a push notification once finished.

With this mug, digital creators up late at night not longer have to continuously make new cups of coffee or microwave the coffee. This saved time helps keep you at the computer focused and working instead of worried about cold coffee.

- Heats drink with built-in heating element
- Customizable temperature setting via mobile app
- Auto-on and auto-off by detecting liquid
- Rechargeable using included charging coaster
- Made of stainless steel
- Customizable LED indicator light
- Approximately 1-hour battery life
- IPX7 rated for full water submersion
- Integration with Apple Health

Ember mug on desk Ember mug top Ember mug coaster Ember mug bottom


In my experience the mug performs very well. As a programmer and beat maker, I enjoy having a full cup of coffee at a constant temperature from start to finish. The battery last about an hour when it is off the coaster; on the coaster the mug will keep heating forever. The auto-on and auto-off feature works great since the mug can detect when liquid is in it.

An issue with performance is the ceramic coating. Many have found that the coating inside of the mug will chip off after a while. Good news is that Ember will quickly replace the mug for free if that happens. However, this is still an inconvenience.

The associated mobile app works great as well. It was extremely easy to connect the mug to the app and set the temperature I wanted. Once the coffee reached the temperature I wanted, I got a push notification saying so. The mobile app also allows you to set up temperature presets.

Ember mug app home Ember mug app personalize Ember mug app set temperature Ember mug app preset

Verdict - 8 out of 10

The Ember mug caters very well to digital creators, programmers, beat makers, graphic designers, etc. During long stents at the computer, having a consistently warm cup of coffee can be comforting. My only issues are the high price tag and the potential paint chipping (although the company will replace for free).

- Clean, modern design that matches a digital creators style
- Sets and keeps temperature perfectly via mobile app
- Auto-on and auto-off by detecting liquid
- Customizable LED light
- Recharging coaster

- Too expensive ($79); especially for a budding digital creator
- Ceramic paint can chip (company will replace mug for free)

Ember mug logo
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