I'm a professional software developer who's been in the industry for ~8 years. I've built many websites, web app, mobile apps, services, APIs, and databases with ❤️.

Snippeta · iOS app
Copy, manage, and paste snippets of text to your clipboard with a single tap; no highlighting/long-tapping!
Linkify.Bio · website
Quickly provide multiple links in a social bio or ad through a single link!
Wave Link · website
Creative 3D website developed for software development company Wave Link, LLC.
GitHub · KG.codes
My personal GitHub page with more of my programming projects and contributions.
KG.codes · website
My personal/professional website, portfolio, and blog (this website 😉)
Mercedes Benz · iOS app
The mobile app for the Mercedez Benz of Columbus, GA. Vehicle listings, appointments, and news.

Refactoring is the process of restructuring existing code (changing the factoring) without changing its external behavior. Here are 6 tips for refactoring code.

 1 minute read

How do you balance the range of different coding technologies you learn, versus the depth at which you learn them?

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This is how people make their earnings look like any amount they want! Don’t believe everything! 💰❌🧢

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When you’re complaining about ‘bad’ code… 🤨🧐

 28 second read

When you practiced 300 coding challenges but get to the interview and forget everything on a Leetcode easy 🥲🤡

 21 second read

⁣One way you can write better code (and hopefully better applications) is to use what I’m calling the ‘3x method’ when coding.⠀ Basically, the gist of it is that you take 3 “passes” or revisions over the code you write; but to everyone else it will seem like only 1 😉.

 1 minute read

⁣⁣A few years ago I created KG.codes; my personal brand. Here's why I decided to build a personal brand as a developer.

 45 second read

🥂 My vibe all 2022 - love, focus, and gratitude! Shoutout to my great friends, family, and the community online. I’m truly blessed.

 47 second read

A while back ⁣I decided that I wanted to automate the flow of blog posts to my email list. Here is how I achieved that with PHP!

 1 minute read

Here are some red flags to look out for in software development and coding (some hilarious / all true). 😅

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